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Science Centre Singapore
Projection Room

The theatre only screens 15 perforation, 70mm film - the largest film frame in motion picture history! More than ten times the size of a conventional 35 mm frame and three times larger than a normal 70mm movie frame, this immense size is key to IMAX’s extraordinary sharpness and clarity.

The projector also incorporates a unique 180 degree Leitz fisheye lens, which uses a powerful 15,000-Watt water-cooled xenon lamp.

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The Quick Turn Reel Unit seen in the VR above does away with film rewinding. This dramatically reduces film wear and is crucial in maintaining the highest clarity standards. Do you also see five huge platters in the VR above? These platters also allow four typical 40-minute large format films or a maximum of two 40-minute films and two 150-minute films to be in a ready state at any one time.