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Singapore Paranormal Investigators At Old Changi Hospital

Stories about the building being haunted started in the early 1940's. The Hospital itself has over 70 years of rich history when it survived the dreadful World War II (1942 to 1945), witnessing the fall of Singapore and the brutal tortures towards the prisoners of war (POW) that happened there.

There is a group of enthusiasts who specializes in researching such paranormal occurrences. They call themselves Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI). They are constantly on the look out for scientific explanations to the un-explained.

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SPI was first established in June 2001 by Dr. Kenny Fong to conduct scientific study, research and investigation into all types of paranormal phenomena.  Kenny who is an ex-professor from NTU with in-depth experience in scientific research, plus other knowledgeable members have made SPI well known in Singapore.

Yearning to satisfy your curiosity of the paranormal? Check out their website and join in their forums.