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Lomography - Part 2
Botanic Gardens

My next goal was to get a shot in the shade and the perfect place to attempt this was at the greenhouse at the Botanic Gardens.

For this shot, take note that I did not use the -3 ND filter. Again, I'm using the Spinner 360° with the Spinner 360° Motorizer.



Lomography Singapore:



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Shoot Conditions
Date & time of day: 21st March 2012 @ 2:00pm
Weather conditions: Slightly cloudy and in the shade.

Camera Settings of Spinner 360° + Spinner 360° Motorizer
Aperture: f/8 (cloudy icon)
Film: Fujichrome Velvia ISO 50
Motorizer: Continuous spin mode

The Spinner 360° Motorizer's slow rotational speed made it possible to shoot this on a cloudy day, under the shade while using ISO 50 film. I opened up the aperture to the maximum of f/8 and removed the -3 ND filter mentioned in the previous page

The shot you see below was a mix of bright and shady areas. I set the Spinner 360° + Motorizer to f/8 as it was cloudy. The end result still looked quite underexposed in many areas so I figured I should have used ISO 100 film in this case.