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Lomography - Part 1
The Merlion

A special thanks to Lomography Singapore for sponsoring me the Spinner 360°. They also loaned me the Spinner 360° Motorizer which turns the whole thing into an automated 360° capture device.

The Spinner 360° shoots 360° panoramic photos using film and does it in a single shot.

This is the first in a series of lomographic VRs that I plan to do over the next year. It's a fun gadget that takes some getting used to.

I'll be sharing the settings and lighting conditions for each of the lomographic VRs I create.



Lomography Singapore:



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Shoot Conditions
Date & time of day: 13th March 2012 @ 11:45am
Weather conditions: Windy, bright and sunny day with good all round visibility.

Camera Settings of Spinner 360° + Spinner 360° Motorizer
Aperture: f/16 (sun icon)
Film: Fujichrome Velvia ISO 50
Motorizer: Continuous spin mode
Extras: Hoya 52mm NDX8 (-3 stops)

The Spinner 360° Motorizer has only one fixed rotational speed and it's pretty slow. Roughly equivalent to 1/4 second. Even with ISO 50 film, it produces images that are overexposed on a sunny day. To counter this problem, I used a -3 stop ND filter.

I also used my modified tripod that extends high up for an elevated view. This produced some blurring as the unit rotated in the wind.

I've also deliberately left the image as it is with all the dust particles scanned on.