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Cycling Enthusiasts

Over the years, cycling has steadily grown in popularity and groups such as JoyRiders, meet regularly to cycle around the island. More than just a means of public transport, cycling has become a very fashionable way to keep fit. Enthusiasts can spend anywhere from SG$1000 to SG$15,000 and up for quality, performance machines that satisfy their need of speed.

JoyRiders "Born to Ride"
It all started in 2006.  Six friends, Bernard Soh, Refik Kocak, Chris Panes, Edward Yeo, Eric Lim and Joyce Leong would meet up and ride together to keep fit. Over time, this group grew and it is one of the larger cycling groups in Singapore today.

They meet regularly and conduct cycling trips that cater to newbies and professionals. For more information, check out their website:

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Their forum is and is where riders can sign in to be a JoyRider member.