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Brick & Tungsten
Interior Design & Home Automation

Our roots and focus
Brick & Tungsten is a creative powerhouse, made up of a group of industry specialist well versed in both Interior Design and Home Automation. Our promise to our clients is a collective experience of over 15 years.

Our company ethic excludes engaging in price wars, mass market service and product, or misrepresenting bottom line costs to clients for the sake of sales. Rather, we emphasize client- and space-specific customizations. All our products will be made to measure, from wardrobes, flooring, workspace, to the integration of environment control systems in the home and offices.
This is the focus and future of Brick & Tungsten.

Our environment
As we blend up creative juices every day here at our studio, we keep in mind that business is not the be-all, end-all of Brick & Tungsten. Giving back to our environment is a huge part of our organization. We will be hosting events with non-profit organizations on a monthly basis at our showroom to raise funds and create awareness.

In support of local singers and bands, we offer our Stage for laid-back and unplugged showcases in the hope that it will be a springboard for good acoustic music.

We also host educational talks by industry leaders from different interior design fields. This is to acquaint our clients with knowledge about different aspects of interior design and home automation. Our speakers will come from allied industries, such as laminate firms, solid surface, tiles, carpentry and home automation companies.
Be sure to stay tuned to our Stage for more information on upcoming events!

Mass customizations trend and SMART homes  
The leaders in mass customizations are mostly fashion brands, from customized jeans to jackets, bags and shoes. Mostly found in cult brands, which are commonly headed by influential designers. The future of homes, following this trend, is in customizations. To be precise, customizations is already a pivotal aspect of this industry. The difference now is the demand and better informed position of the consumers.

Brick & Tungsten answer to the rising need for space saving furniture is customizations. Home owners need wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, and small home-office workspaces tailored to their individual lifestyles and home concepts.

Building a Smart home is now easier than ever with the use of iPad/iPhone apps. Market leaders in home automation and lighting systems have already begun riding on this trend. The barrier to entry used to be the cost of the control system. With the arrival of the iPad/iPhone, this barrier is effectively removed. Market watchers have remarked that the future for home automation is looking bright.  Therefore educating consumers about the availability of such technology is our next step. Now is the time for a first world nation such as Singapore to embrace fully automated homes. 

In a nutshell
We are a creative house which has two areas of expertise. Firstly is in the field of Interior Design, from the conceptualizations of layout, choosing of colour theme with the right kind of material, fabrication of furniture and finally to the 3D rendering and virtual walk through of the property’s interior. In a nutshell, we promise the complete turnkey project for your home and office.

Secondly, we are one of the few companies in Singapore who are able to incorporate automation into your home and office.  In the main, we cover five areas of automation: appliances, lighting, security, audio and visual. Feel free to contact us and our in-house automation specialists.

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