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SuperStar Virgo - Captain's Bridge
Captain Jan Blomquist was the helm and gave us a special bridge tour. Eager as I was, I wasn't allowed to take the ship for a spin. One would be expecting to see the classical steering wheel but this modern 76,800 ton (gross weight) vessel is controlled by a tiny little joystick that barely fits between your thumb and fingers.
The Captain's Bridge

Piloting a ship like this involves a huge amount of responsibility since the passengers and crew capacity is over 4000 for each cruise. There is a lookout at all times, peering far into the horizon with a binoculars. He makes sure there is nothing in the path of the Virgo as a vessel this size would take around 1.5 kilometers to slow down and come to a complete halt. You can't just "slam the brakes" and expect it to stop.

Captain's Bridge

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