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SuperStar Virgo - Bella Vista
Hungry for Western fine-dining on board the Superstar Virgo? Then the Bella Vista Restaurant is the place to go. It serves Western and Asian cuisines that are whipped up by expert chefs in a modern and efficient kitchen. Meals are served 6 times a day so it is impossible to ever go hungry onboard this ship. Scroll down to read more about some of the gourmet we had . . .

Bella Vista Dishes

Dining at the Bella Vista

It was a new experience, to be in the middle of the ocean on board a ship while having breakfast. I had the most tranquil feeling while I gazed out at the open sea. There was a good selection of handmade bread, so I opted for the western breakfast set.

Lunch was a grand affair. We learned that the kitchen of Super Star Virgo can cook for up to 10,000 people at any given time! I had roasted turkey cobb salad for appetizer, and my main course was vegetarian lasagne. Thinly sliced and beautifully arranged zucchini, bell peppers and egg plants were layered upon each other, with cheese and cream oozing out. I had always thought lasagne to be a rather heavy meal, but this was surprisingly light and very satisfying.

Woke up at 7am to watch the sunrise, the air was a little chilly. After that, we retreated to Galaxy of the Stars for morning coffee and watched the sea. After lounging for awhile, we headed to Bella Vista for breakfast.

Breakfast: Chinese food @ Bella Vista
We had Hong Kong style dim sum for breakfast. It came in a set of congee with two different kinds of eggs (salted egg and century egg), char siew puff, glutinous rice with chicken and char siew bao. I think my favourite was the congee.

Lunch: Western @ Bella Vista
My appetizer was Hungarian beef goulash soup. My main course was poached fish. Other than the appetizer, I really enjoyed this last meal on board the cruise. The fish was oh-so-fresh, seasoned with a bit of salt and herbs. The spinach was also fresh and tasty. My dessert was handmade apple yogurt with butter cookies. Yum…


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