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Fish Spa (Eco-Corner)

Students at HSCS have been busy breeding fishes in their Eco-Corner. The darkened tanks you see just opposite the 3 blue ponds hold several species of fishes.

Some of the fishes being bred include those commonly known as "Doctor Fishes" A teacher is experiencing the nibbling sensation of these fishes eating away the dead skin cells on his feet. You can read more about the use of such fishes at this Wikipedia Article

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HSCS - Classroom HSCS - Eco Corner Science Lab

This is a typical secondary school in Singapore. The place where most of a child's educational and moral foundations are laid. A student's time in secondary school lasts between the ages of 13 to 16 or 17.

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Hai Sing was founded in 1959 by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary sisters. It has 45 years of history and tradition. Hai Sing has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

The then "Hai Sing Girls' High School" grew out of a vision to provide secondary school education to the girls in the rural area of Upper Serangoon district. In 1978, Hai Sing was named one of the 14 outstanding Chinese secondary schools in Singapore.

Hai Sing has gone through several facelifts and each has been an invigorating renewal process. In 1981, they changed from a Chinese medium school to an English medium school. In 1990, they became a co-educational institution when they moved into Pasir Ris New Town.

Today their pupil enrolment stands at 1443 in 39 classes. The school has a team of 74 teachers and 18 Executive & Administrative Support Staff.