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Nektar - Redefining The Cocktail Culture

Named after the intoxicating drink that sustained the beauty and immortality of the Gods, the Greco-Roman myth of Néktar is finally set to stir the minds of mortals here. Embracing the lofty namesake, the cocktails served at Néktar could easily be called otherworldly. Using only premium alcohol, quality mixes and the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, favourites like Magaritas, Mojitos and Martinis are expertly twisted and elevated to sheer liquid desire. Even more enticing is the certainty of imbibing your very own ambrosia, that is bespoken by the skilled Bar Chefs and attuned to your taste alone; a fitting tribute to modern Gods and Goddesses.

Nestled in the greenery of a heritage building at 31 Scotts Road, Néktar is quiet, sophisticated and exclusive - as suited for relaxing with friends as it is for corporate entertaining. The intimate scale and elegant setting make it the perfect enclave for animated conversations over heady cocktails.

What better way to spend an evening, than by allowing oneself to be enraptured by the myths and mélanges of Néktar?


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