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Marriage - Part 6
Yam Seng
28th September 2008
Edmund and Joan

The wedding feast can either be a lunch or a dinner with anywhere from 8 to 10 courses of food. The bride and groom parade down the isle twice to the cheers and applause of the crowd. The first march-in ends with the couple cutting the wedding cake together, the second ends with champagne pouring over a pyramid of wine glasses and the final "Yam Seng' ritual.

Members from both sides of the family go on stage to toast the crowd. "Yaaaaaaaam Seng" is shouted by everyone with a special emphasis on dragging the "Yaaaaaaam' as long as their breaths can allow.

  1. Singapore Bride
  2. The Sisters' Games
  3. Winning the Prize
  4. Tea Ceremony
  5. Marriage Solemnization
  6. Yam Seng

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The crowd toasts the newlyweds to a long life, a happy relationship and literally to the wife's quick pregnancy as their parents will now be bugging them for grandchildren.

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