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Marriage - Part 2
Sisters' Games
28th September 2008
Edmund and Joan

Forced to dance with each other

The "brothers" (bestmen) serve an important purpose, and that is to help offset and lighten whatever the "sisters" (bridesmaids) demand from the goom. Without them, gaining entry into the bride's home to collect her would be a torture to accomplish alone.

  1. Singapore Bride
  2. The Sisters' Games
  3. Winning the Prize
  4. Tea Ceremony
  5. Marriage Solemnization
  6. Yam Seng

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In Singapore, the tradition of collecting one's bride always means going through a "firewall" of women who relish the chance to inflict whatever their heart's desire onto the men. It is a time where male egos are crushed and any form of "manly macho" attitudes must be put aside.

The most basic of what is demanded from the groom is that he consumes food items that are sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. These represent his willingness to go through difficult, happy, painful and spicy moments together.

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