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Marriage - Part 1
Singapore Bride
28th September 2008

Edmund and Joan

Joan Tan is getting married to Edmund lee today. She has just spent the morning doing her hair, putting on her makeup and wedding gown.

  1. Singapore Bride
  2. The Sisters' Games
  3. Winning the Prize
  4. Tea Ceremony
  5. Marriage Solemnization
  6. Yam Seng

In the meantime, her bridesmaids are busy making themselves pretty (away from prying eyes) and planning "games" that the groom and his bestmen will have to go through in order to get to his prize, the bride...

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In Singapore, the bridesmaids are labeled as "sisters" and the bestmen are called "brothers". It is common practice for the groom to have as many "brothers" as there are "sisters". This large entourage has a very important purpose which you will learn about in the next VR...

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