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Little Guilin
Bukit Batok Town Park

Constructed from a disused granite quarry, Bukit Batok Town Park is commonly known as "Little Guilin" or "Xiao Guilin", after the scenic spot in China. Comprising 42 ha of land, it is located at Bukit Batok East Avenue 5. The name "Bukit Batok" has been suggested to be derived from the noise made by the blasting in the granite quarry that now form the natural surroundings of Little Guilin.

The Housing and Development Board had originally intended to fill the quarry up and build a road on it in 1984. It was converted to a pond instead when it was realized that the existing quarry had rugged granite outcrops and a contrasting backdrop of green hills that gave it a pleasant look. The surrounding areas were also beautified and made accessible by placing granite blocks on the retaining walls and adding footpaths, lights and seating.

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In 1996, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) conceptualised the Development Plan Guide for Yishun and Bukit Batok, which proposed the use of the surrounding parks to enhance the residential landscape for the area. It also proposed links between the Town Park and Nature Parks, and eventually linking them via park connectors to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Sungei Pandan.

Besides being used for exercise and walks, the town park has also been used as a stage for Chinese opera, dance and music performances.