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Fairmont Hotel
The Wrong Side of the Parade !
9th August 2009

Today marks Singapore's 44th year of independence. A group of us had planned to stay over at the Swissotel to celebrate a friend's birthday and also to see the fireworks and the parade from up high. HOWEVER... we found out later that our dear organizer had booked the Fairmont Hotel instead! To make matters worse... our room was on the wrong side of the building.

NOTE: This was by no means the fault of the hotel.

As you can see... there was absolutely no view of the parade... We spent the evening watching the NDP 2009 parade on TV...

Thank goodness I managed to get some VRs of the parade rehearsals... see them here:

Click the icons below to see NDP VRs
Paratroopers National Anthem Performances Finale


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Watching NDP on TV