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Broadcast Asia 2012
19 - 22 June 2012 @ Suntec City

Broadcast Asia showcases technological developments in the broadcasting, film and pro-audio industries.

I was expecting Nikon to be be present to show off their D800 and D4 video capabilities but unfortunately, they were a no-show. I guess they haven't gotten their act together for video production.

This year there were much more 3D technologies being showcased. Seems that's what the industry is really pushing hard right now. I didn't see any of the 'glasses free' 3D televisions already showcased in Tokyo. That's quite a disappointment.


Broadcast Asia 2012 Photo Gallery

My friends from Cathay Photo were there at their booth and they let me try on the Steadicam harness for the first time.

You'll gain a whole new respect for Steadicam operators once you've worn that 20kg harness for about 10 minutes.


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