Special VRs

In this section, you'll find a collection of VRs that are created either as prototype concepts or simply for the fun of it.

27th Sept 2010 - Merlion Pop Art
A stylized version of the Merlion
Aerial Aanorama 23rd November 2010 - Marina Barrage from the Air
Singapore's first 360° aerial panorama created using a kite.
6th March 2012 - Acrophobia
A VR "floating" from the edge of a building.
NikonVR 23rd March 2009 - VR in a Nikon
Get inside a Nikon Digital SLR Camera
25th December 2010 - Merry Christmas 2010
A special VR just for the holidays
7th October 2008 - Laundry
Get inside a washing machine and also learn about the laundry habits of the locals.
11th March 2009 - VR in a bottle
Get inside a bottle of Nutritional Supplements
1st September 2008 - Dance VR-1 & Dance VR-2
I wanted to show that VR photography need not be bound to conventional uses such as real estate showcases.
18th June 2008 - Pipes
These pipes are part of Millenia Walk's architectural design. It was taken some time in June 2006.
SPCA 8th May 2008 - Don't Dump Animals ! ! !
What's it like to be an abandoned pet? Experience it with this S.P.C.A. VR.
Dog Eye View 27th April 2008 - Dog Eye View
It's a VR of the world from the eye level of my dog. It happens to also feature my dog.
24th January 2008 - Singapore Bubbles
Can you identify where each bubble was photographed?
25th August 2006 - VR in a Shoe
The world's first macro Virtual Reality photographed inside a shoe
25th August 2006 - VR in a Toilet Bowl
The world's first macro Virtual Reality photographed inside a toilet bowl.