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Guest Book

Paul Hang Kee-Hua - Ohio, USA United States of America
As a "former" Singaporean, I am truly thrilled to be able to watch, in 360 degree views, all of the amazing "Events & Places" as well as many of the other wonderfully exciting, interesting 360 degree videos you have so professionally made for all to enjoy, even here in Ohio, USA.  I, for one, am very thankful for your fine work to allow me to view so much of my beloved birthplace Singapore! Keep up the good work! 
As my fellow ACSian would say, "The Best Is Yet to Be!" Bravo !

Efrem Tham - Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hi Aram,We will be visiting Singapore again this year on our short stay to Europe and we are looking forward to visit the Garden by the Bay. Keep up with the good photographic work and definitely would like an update of new sites. Well your National Day will be around the corner and we will be looking forward for those  beautiful shots you will be taking. Generally the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board keep us posted on the  coming activities before our visit. You have a nice and productive week.

Tan Tjoan Gie - Germany Germany
Great !! We'll visit the garden next time on our trip to singapore.

Joanna Foo - Singapore Singapore
Dear Aram. This is a masterpiece you did on behalf of Singapore. The world now know how pretty our island is. N its because of your selfless dedication in putting this together for not just Singaporeans but the world to know all the beautiful sights we have here.  Yes if there was music incorporated wow it would be so real !!! Keep it up Aram ! You are indeed a Blessing!

Chandan - Bangladesh Bangladesh
Hey, Me and my family are planning on a tour to Singapore in the first week of August'12. While browsing the internet, I came across this website. Wonderful photos, and a great advertisement for the Singapore tourism. Can't wait for the tour.

Les Walker - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Somewhat different from my 1966 to 1969 period in the City..........

Charles Ling - Singapore Singapore
Hey, you've done a fastatic job. Well done & keep it up!

Jia Jia - Singapore Singapore
Well Done!!! I admire you omg!!!! Looking forward for more!! JiaYous!

Chris Lofquist, Canada Canada
Great photos,my camera buddy at Port Colborne Camera Club, told me about your website!

Choun Pei - Singapore Singapore
Oh my goodness!! What amazing work! Singapore is proud of you! Keep it up!

Paula - USA
We're headed to Singapore this week.  Thanks for putting so much information on this site.

Hooben - Mauritius Mauritius
I will visit Singaore soon...hope to have a good guide...

Lee Nai Peng - California, USA United States of America
so wonderful to see a lovely web site about Singapore. Now I can always come to this awesome site when I am homesick. You are so wonderful, Mr. Pan.

leona saputra - Indonesia Indonesia
i want to go singapore

Martijn Oorschot - Netherlands Netherlands
Great site man, very cool to see. I have been to Singapore and loved it very much. I did a lot of photography in there and I'm puting them on my website ofcourse, but the 360° gives really an awsome view. I hope to learn that in the future. Thanx

Vipada - Thailand Thailand
Really great short review and VR. I have been wonder for many place if it is worth to go. Your video definitely tell the story. WoW!!! PS> still missing snow city

Rachel Seah - Singapore Singapore
This is so interesting! I love it! It is very cool.

Ryan Tham - Singapore Singapore
Amazing website ! Keep up the great work !

Angel - Singapore Singapore
Thanks for this website.Bravo! Thanks for the NDP videos it! Muack!

Muhd Imran MD - Singapore Singapore
I stumbled upon this site while Googled for Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This is an awesome site that shows so much of Singapore... 360-view in fact. Wonderful job.
Thank you for our efforts.

M Noor - Singapore Singapore
Two Thumbs Up!

Mladen Jovanovic - Serbia Serbia
Such creative artist as you certainly are is hard to find these days! Keep up good work!

Balasubramanian Sankaralingam - Tamil Nadu, India India
superb. kindly arrange to send photos to those who're interested. please enrich us more with the events and happenings in s'pore. kindly create something useful to the common man. please organise forums, group discussions, etc.

Bruce Christianson - Minnesota, USA United States of America
Amazing site and VR work! How do you do those macro VRs? It's something I'd like to try here in Minnesota. Maybe inside of the mouth of a Walleye fish, or something! Can you tell me what camera lens, etc. to use? THANX! Bruce Christianson

Gerard Lee - Singapore Singapore
Nice cool blogsite. came to learn about VR photography published in today's Digital Life section. Interesting.

LaoZhaBor - Singapore Singapore
Dear Aram, Your VR site was absolutely great. We are proud to have professional like you...keep up the excellent job.

John Lambert - Manama, Bahrain Bahrain
hi, im new friend for your website, i have never been singapore, i saw pictures of it, i think its very nice and amazing place. not bad to visit this country for a days. thanks

John Lambert - United Kingdom United Kingdom
Me and my wife going to singapore in October 1st time really good site great info the wheel at nite is something special we cant wait now

Gary Chow - Singapore Singapore
This is my first visit to this site and I love it. Have not seen such interesting photography before. I would sure want to share this with my 8 year old daughter. It will be very educational. My suggestion for more entries - Peranakan Museum and Marina Barrage. Keep up the good work! Regards Gary

NAVIN - Malaysia Malaysia
This is a very interesting place to visit .

Kent Leong - Singapore Singapore
Your every pano make everyone stop and take second look. Love it, esp those heartlands ones... I love SINGAPORE

Siti Haslinah - Singapore Singapore
Very nice professional and informative.. really helpful for mother of 4 like myself to get info to share with my girls.. will share it with others

Alex Sarco - United Kingdom United Kingdom
I'm planning a trip to Singapore in May, and this is a great way to start exploring the sites. Thanks for doing it!

Andrea Maoro - Italy Italy
Singapore residedent since 1972 P/R. Happy to live in Singapore.

Russell Ng - Singapore Singapore
Great VR but i wonder how you guys did the toilet bowl scene

Jenny Zhao - Shanghai, China China
This is the most complete vr site I've ever seen about a single country. Check this site before travel to Singapore:)

Thomas Demolliens - France France
Super pictures, amazing night panoramas, nice website. As a panographer I can only say "Congrats". Bravo.

Raymond Chan - Singapore Singapore
As a photographer myself, I find your VR site absolutely amazing ! Hope to see more places being added to your website. Wish other countries will have a similar website like this to showcase the country.

Matthew McCrae - Scotland, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fantastic and uplifting. Thank You.

Skyi - Singapore Singapore
Dear Aram, please keep up the sense of humour !

alain maniaul - Philippines Philippines
Hurray!!! awesome, cool & superb website! I will recommend this site to my family & friends to be able to know a lot of fantastic places to visit in Singapore, just like having been there its for real..keep it up!!!

Heyton Urtecho - Carazo, Nicaragua Nicaragua
Singapore Rocks...!!!

Gazzali maidin - Singapore Singapore
Unique blog All the best

reneee - Singapore Singapore
omq ! nice bloq ! awesome manzxzx anyway I faved your website !

Andrew Van Beek - Ottawa, Canada Canada
Awesome work by a hard working photographer! Inspiring work to behold.

Tom Hawbaker - Iowa, USA United States of America
Very nice work; I particularly enjoy your creative work (Dance I & II). Regards, Tom H.

Edmund Lee - Singapore Singapore
Hey Aram! Thank you for gracing my wedding and taking those amazing shots of it. You have been a friend to me for a large part of my life and I applaud every endeavour you embark on with your photography! Cheers!

Rose Lee - Singapore Singapore
Great Job done to this website Aram! Thanks for helping my brother & SIL (Edmund & Joan) at their wedding. My friends are very impressed by the way the 360 degree photos are taken. Very well done!

Lilian Lee - Singapore Singapore
Hi Aram, You have done an excellent job for my bro's (Edmund) wedding and what an amazing website you have! Keep up the wizardry craft! Cheers!

Salihuddin Musa - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysia
Great website. Beautiful pics. Excellent job. Keep up the good work.
Well done Aram Pan...

M Faizal - Singapore Singapore
Nice website... Excellent pics and very informative... Being a s'porean myself, I did not know that there is a last kampong in s'pore... I discovered many new intersting places in s'pore which I have never knew existed... Good job...

Liana Tang - Singapore Singapore
this site is really great! what you are doing is very inspiring and admirable. seeing singapore through your VRs makes me feel proud to be singaporean! also, the accompanying content makes this site a must-visit for anybody that wants to see parts of singapore they've never been too. the flash loads rather quickly too. i'm sharing this with everyone i know :) keep the passion going!

jag etheswraN - Singapore Singapore
Wow i am suprised by this website. magnificent.this site portrays the uniqueness of Singapore and give foreigners a look into Singaporeans life and i am sure many tourist have chose to visit Singapore visit after seeing this website. I read a article about this site in the newspaper. keep up the good work

Iwan Siman - Singapore Singapore
Congratulations on the Singapore VR. Indeed a result of great works that require great dedication, passion and vision. Well done Aram.

Henri Bogaarts - Netherlands Netherlands
You have a fresh aproach to vr-photography. Really enjoy a lot of your photo's. :) You should be on the city's payroll for all your promotional work ;)

Marites Elisan - Singapore Singapore
Great website...Keep it up!!!

Gerald Yong - Singapore Singapore
Fabulous website! Good platform for both Singaporeans & Tourists. Looking forward to your upcoming Property VR.

Dennie Ali - Indonesia Indonesia
Very nice website...from this web i know more about Singapore
and thank u so much.

Pearlyn - Singapore Singapore
The scenery is marvellous, enjoyed the ride very much.
I love singapore :D

Goh Tse Chuan - Australia Australia
Hi there, I was reading the E New Paper today and came across a news article about your website. I had a browse and was utterly delighted to view the VR tour of Singapore. I am Singaporean currently working in Melbourne Australia. I have gone to many Singapore related websites (when i feel abit home sick) to look for pics/vids of Singapore, especially those that shows the everyday life of Singaporeans. I have been away from Singapore (on and off) for about 15yrs (since i was 13) and have always missed home...always. Anyways, just want to highlight that this web site is fantastic and thank you for the great work/idea in making this website as awesome as it is.

Logan Joshua - Singapore Singapore

John Tilbury - England United Kingdom
Superb panoramas which bring back very happy memories of Singapore and Sentosa.

Wang Lixiang - China China
A nice cite for us native Chinese to know more about Singapore
and thank u so much.

Gary Lam - Singapore Singapore
Hi Aram, this site is great and it is very useful for my overseas guests.

Ondra - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Your virtual tours are one of the best I found on the internet. Thanks to your site I visited Singapore even without long fly from Europe. Thank you very much Aram.

Maxime Myriamax - France France
I love your work ! it just amazing keep going i have definatly bookmarked your website! Peace.

Han Yuen - Singapore Singapore
this site is absolutely beautiful! the vr shots are exceptionally well done!
((= love this site and pray you keep updating it!

Nikolas - USA United States of America
Thank you for excellent site! this is great.

Kwie Siew Wah - Singapore Singapore
This site is just great- can't find another word to describe the magic in viewing it brings to locals and tourists alike.

Looi Beng Hoe - Singapore Singapore
It's an excellent site. Great job !

Vince Poh - Singapore Singapore
Excellent site. Excellent pictures. Keep it up SINGAPORE.

Joshua Tan - Singapore Singapore
wonderful site which tell people about Our country... keep it up ;D

Kalai Appulingam - Melbourne, Australia Australia
Excellent site. I finally got an email address of someone I'm been searching for in the the last 4 months. Keep up the good work. I'll be visiting often. Cheers

Sichemize - Germany Germany
Hello my friends :) ;)

Lionel - USA United States of America
Very nice pictures of unique Singapore Scenic Spots :) I especially like those of the Singapore River area. Looking forward to more of your VR pictures...

Susie Chan - Singapore Singapore
Great site, good work! Let the world knows that Singapore is a great city,with great people, great food and a nice place to visit! And they want to come back for more. Please continue with your updates to make it greater! Cheers!

John Howe - Minnesota, USA United States of America
Great web site. Six of us our coming for a short visit to take in the sights of Singapore. This site will help us get orientated before we arrive in Singapore. We will see you in two weeks! Keep up the great work!

Sunny Lim - Singapore Singapore
Excellent way to sell Singapore to the outside world. Proud of you! Keep up the good job!

Eleana Ho - Singapore Singapore
Hi Aram, This is fantastic, what a sight! All that you've said in the past, you realised it! Keep innovating! Keep dreaming! Bless you!

Patrick Chai - Malaysia Malaysia
WoW..havent been back to Singapore for quite awhile now since I left in 2000 after staying 9 years there. Great passion you have there. Keep it up, you'll make it big!!

Sinem Tarhan - Turkey Turkey
I'd been to your lovely country for 3 times and had the pleasure to stay in great hospitality. Good job and thank you for giving me the chance to visit you again.

Jinsha - Singapore Singapore
It's really amazing if watch in full screen

Tracy Heng - Singapore Singapore
Hi Aram! Thumbs up! Your master piece of work has given the world to see us with excellent views! Your passion, time and effort paid off and are appreciated! GREAT WORK for sharing your 'eyes' of our country! Cheers!

Doris Lung - Singapore Singapore
Keep up this Great Platform! It's a wonderful piece of work! Truly well done. Enjoyed it and will surely send it to friends and overseas contacts.

Valentin Arfire - Romania, EU Romania
hi, I've greatly enjoyed the panoramas from Singapore presented on this site; those are the best ambassadors one can imagine both for commercial interests and for the entire island. keep up the good work regards Valentin

Mitchell Fleisher, M.D. - Virginia, USA United States of America
An excellent utilization of cutting edge computer imaging technology. Very cool virtual reality website. What a great way of feeling like really "being there." Hope you create VR images for lots of interesting places all over the planet. Best regards, DrM

Kratos - Singapore Singapore
hope to see more places like orchard, east coast, little india, chinatown, prefer to see some crowd i think will make the places more lively, some places look too deserted without crowd.

Buddy Chang - Singapore Singapore
W*****, eh! Kick *** website. Keep it comin'. Don't stop.
Add more. Add more.

Karuppaiyan Baskaran - Singapore Singapore
Excellent effort and well done Mr. Aram Pan

Anabella Divakaruni - Singapore Singapore
Absolutely beautiful, a job well done. I can't wait to share this with my overseas friends.

Ron Eu - Singapore Singapore
A very interesting and captivating piece of creative work.I enjoyed my armchair journey of the various sites portrayed.It will definitely be more fantastic if you can include some music into your VR's. I do that for my photo shoot when I transfer them into my computer.

Celine Tng - Singapore Singapore
Cool stuff!

H.K. Khoo - Singapore Singapore
Well done. How long does it take for you to come up with a location shot. There are numerous other places which you can add. Your advert on John's Photo shop is excellent. They are very knowledgeable, and they really stand out among the crowd. Cheers H.K.Khoo

Wong LW - Singapore Singapore
I usually don't spend much time on browsing a web site.
But this is different, excellent effort and well done.

Gerald Ow - Singapore Singapore
Good job....Keep it up.

Rachel Sng - Singapore Singapore
Great job! I will share the site with all my foreign friends.

Goh Yong Chor - Singapore Singapore
A unique and refreshing 360 degree virtual reality view of the interesting places of Singapore. Being a true blue Singapore, I am very proud of your work. Keep it up. Looking forward to see more places of interest of Singapore in this interesting web site. This is definitely another web site which I am going to spend my leisure time enjoying the VR pictures again and again. Perhaps, you can incorporate some light music to complement your future VR. This web site is world class.

Lim Kim Seng - Singapore Singapore
Fantastic work! Enthralling sights. This new concept of viewing pictures provides many hours of entertainment for visitors and our local citizens. Also educational for our students. Best regards.

Koh Lin Kee - Singapore Singapore
What better way to showcase what is uniquely Singapore?! Keep up the good work and keep the creative juice flowing!

James Wu - Singapore Singapore
Good effort. Will be good to have virtual walk through, not just stationary images. I think you should be able to find many freeware on the internet ! Keep going!

Suwarni Salamon - Singapore Singapore
Great & awesome. Very educational & refreshing information. Do include all the multi-racial places of interest. Wishing all of you very successful in your work. Keep updating which I believe you will do it. Have forward your web site address to my overseas friends also.

Benedict Leow - Singapore Singapore
Very nice indeed! Keep up the good work to showcase our lovely island :)

James Lee - Singapore Singapore
Bloody Brilliant, keep it up! Here's a suggestion. Cover local youth culture (Skate Park and the basement link to Esplanade) =D Cheers Guys

Edmund T. - Singapore Singapore
Well Done! You might want to add Orchard road, Chijmes, Vivo City, Mount faber, Bukit Timah Reserved, Changi Airport T1, 2 & 3, .....have a good mixed of old historical site and new development. A 'Request Column" maybe in the web site for site suggestion.

Doreen Goh - Singapore Singapore
Well done guys, I'm proud of what you've done and commitment you've put forth. I'll share this site with my overseas friend.

Ashokkumar Nagarajan - Singapore Singapore
It's a great educational web site for Singaporeans as much as it is for foreigners. I love places like Sungei Buloh and too be honest not many Singaporeans I know actually know of such places. I'm looking forward to other nature places such as the Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie, Botanic Gardens and little known historical places like the Old Ford Factory, Changi Chapel to be up on your web site soon. Great work, keep it going!

William Yap - Singapore Singapore
Great VR site as one can get the real feels of being there. Keep it up

Goh H. M. - Singapore Singapore
Great with this 360degrees virtual tours of Singapore. I have many friends who have lived here for years and have since moved back to USA, UK, Europe, etc, some old, some young. Some of them have indicated to me that they wish there is a record of the old & new buildings/sites, etc which they wish to view and flash back some memories. I have so far not been able to get such thus when I read about your web site. Wow. This web site will not only bring memories and also encourage them to make a return visit. If I may propose that you show the old and the new sites/buildings (exterior) for contrast/comparison and given another "click" if you wish, to show the interior of each. Thank you.

Joseph Tan - Singapore Singapore
BRAVO Aram ! Thanks for your great Initiative. Potential teaching aid to teachers. All the best ! I hope this VR site will grow into something even bigger soon!

Peter Ng - Singapore Singapore
This is an excellent site. I like the feature on Magic Box. Keep it going. Make Singapore a tourist destination for all human being on earth.

Cher Kheng Wah - Singapore Singapore
Great educational and interesting web site. Useful not only for foreigners but also locals. Many locals go overseas to visit but do not visit our own places of interest. Thank you & all the best. Give us more! regards!

Norbert Mebert - Germany Germany
Hi Aram, do you have also VRs of the southern part of the botanic garden? Three years ago, me and my family had the "pleasure" to remain at the Gleneagles Hospital for one week. We had a bad car-accident in Vietnam and my memories came back in Singapore. I will come back one day to see, where we had actually been. Great to receive a picture of the city this way! A beautiful and professional site. Looking forward for updates!

Jason Chia - Singapore Singapore
Very good effort! Waiting to see more VRs!!

Sahul Meed - Singapore Singapore
Good effort. Wish you guys every success in your VR projects
and hope to see more and more spots being "VR'ed."

Joost Nieuwenhuijse - Netherlands Netherlands
Hi Aram! I'm back in cold Holland; good to see VRs from Singapore, brings back good memories! Best of luck, Joost

Marco Trezzini - Switzerland Switzerland
Nice site... keep up he good work ;-)

Francisco Perez - Florida, USA United States of America
Awesome site! Keep it up and updated please.