Singapore VR is a website created by local photographer, Aram Pan to give the world a virtual experience of all things that make up Singapore. It not only covers the usual tourist spots but also some of the people and events that make Singapore so unique. The project was conceived in early 2004 and tested in 2005 with early, Java™ based VRs created for the Singapore Tourism Board. Java™ running on many computers back then was slow to load and not every computer had the plug-in installed. It took around 3 years for the required technology to mature. Today, with the availability of Google™ Maps, Adobe™ Flash-based VRs and superior broadband speeds, this web site is now finally a possibility. VRs are added regularly so stay tuned to the latest additions at the "What's New?" section.

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"Hi there, running this web site is my passion and I hope that your visit will help you learn more about Singapore and perhaps even fall in love with this little island. This web site is dedicated to cataloging all the various places of interests that make Singapore truly unique."


Frequently Asked Questions.
This section is to help answer some of the more common questions often emailed.

Q: Why are you doing this project?
A: VR Photography is something I love and this website is an avenue for me to share my works with the rest of the world.

Q: How do you create a VR?
A: Multiple photos are shot on location and assembled into a large panoramic image, something like a large texture map. This image is then mapped on a cube and converted into a VR.

Q: How long does it take to create a VR?
A: Shooting the photos is rather quick, just a few minutes. However the post production work such as stitching, colour correction and enhancement takes plenty of time.

Q: There are other VR players like Quick Time, Java, IPIX, DevalVR, etc. Why don't you use those instead of Flash?
A: Flash is the most common plug-in for all web browsers and is usually already installed. This makes this site easily accessible to all visitors. Other plug-ins requires a user to download and install new software or add-ins just to enjoy the VRs.


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Commercial Enquiries
Aram specializes in professional VR photography and has been producing high-end VRs for discerning clients in Singapore and the Asia Pacific. For commercial VR photography projects, please direct your enquiries to Mr. Aram Pan at Plus 720 Pte. Ltd.

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IMM Building Singapore 609601
Tel: +65 65693008
Fax: +65 65693181
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