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The Singapore VR website is produced by virtual tour photographer, Aram Pan during his spare time. This website is a collection of virtual tours he has collected over the years. Through the use of VR photography, readers are "immersed" in fully interactive photos that produces an entirely new perspective. Check out the "READ MY BLOG !" section for the latest features and updates. Be transported to VR locations all over Singapore and experience this country from a whole new perspective. Whether you're a tourist planning a vacation to the sunny island or a resident living here, you'll definitely find useful and interesting information pertaining to all the locations on display.

本新加坡虚拟实境网站是新加坡摄影师 Aram Pan (潘君瀚)利用空余时间创建的。这些年来已经给好些名胜古迹和知名地标制作了永垂不朽的虚拟游览片段。 通过虚拟实境摄影技术,浏览者可以全面通过互动模式,从不同的角度深入探索有关景点。身为新加坡人Aram 已经给新加坡的风貌,做了全面的诠释,即使是熟悉本地景观的朋友,也将会对所熟悉的一切,拥有一个全新的经验。 无论您是即将造访的海外朋友或是本地的居民,您肯定都会发现本网站给您有用又有趣的资讯。现在就开始您的虚拟旅程吧!祝您,旅途愉快! 想要制作类似的虚拟实境吗?可以点击:Plus 720 Pte Ltd 注:本网站的所有流动的影像都不是影片,而是用互动的虚拟实境摄影技术所呈现的一系列高清静态照片组成的“动中有静”影像。只要点击鼠标,或是点按影像中右边的指标,就能从不同角度,全方位欣赏景观。

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